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Weekend Review


Hey y’all!

I hope that you had a good weekend. Ours was busy but good.

We worked, attended meetings, taught Sunday school, hosted small group, and, oh yeah, Jon and I went to a wedding.


This was the reason that I tasked my brain with buying hosiery last week.

My verdict: everything worked splendidly. The dress, wrap, and shoes will all be worn again. This makes my frugal heart happy. I even like the nail color. I had forgotten how much effort goes into getting gussied up.

Eli’s verdict : the only thing he could really approve of was the dress — he calls it my black ladybug dress. He told me that he didn’t like my hair (it should be looser), my nails (they should be natural), and my choice of jewelry (I needed more — specifically a necklace).

Then I told him, you know, thanks for your input, dude, but I don’t need your 9 year-old boy’s opinion, precious, though you are.


I made a new-to-me pasta dish for small group. I shouldn’t have attempted a new one, but I always seem to do that when entertaining. I made the baked ziti from Pioneer Woman. And, though I did catch myself uttering, “Pioneer Woman, don’t fail me now!”, it turned out to be really great. In fact, I’m awaiting having those leftovers for lunch today with a good amount of anticipation.

So, if you need to feed an army and have leftovers, double her recipe. That’s what I did, with the modifications of reducing the meat by half, subbing penne for ziti, subbing cottage cheese for the ricotta, and folding in several cups of spinach for one of the pans.


Happy Monday!!

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