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Linky Friday

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Links for your Friday:

This Beastie Boy, Mike D, has a gorgeous home.  Not only that, he has collaborated to make a Brooklyn Toile.  Awesome.

(Side note:  wouldn’t it be grand if someone came up with a St. Louis toile?  That is what toile needs…an Arch.)

OhHappyDay is a genius blog y’all.  Jordan has a good idea a minute, I think.  For example:

Please check out her

She has practical, doable creative things on her site.  Brilliant ideas for parties, too.


Broccoli Salad Slaw will be made this weekend!  Tomorrow, in fact.  I trust the Smitten.  She knows her salad, and her broccoli, and practically every other food.


Also, Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole.  Because it must be done.


And, Chocolate Cake.  Because one of my sons is persisting in getting older. (Actually, of course, they are all persisting in growing older. Sigh.)   He’s turning 15.  What?!  Just yesterday he was a 9 month old, dancing to Signed, Sealed, Delivered

while sucking his thumb.  Time goes too dang fast.



Finally, have y’all seen Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his mom?  You must:


Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Aww, happy birthday to Nathan!

    My dad likes to remind me that our kids getting older means that we are also getting older. So far, I don’t mind the me part so much- I don’t feel too different than I did half my life ago! I will say that I too grow less and less patient with slow, mellow music though (which you said in a different post, but I am catching up), but I’ve always held a preference for all things upbeat and lively- like the Barlows! 🙂

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