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I’m so sorry for being absent, y’all. School ended, well, and all the Barlows shouted HOORAY!!!! After that, we promptly launched into doing stuff, which vastly contrasts with our early Junes of yore when we would twiddle our thumbs and then commence to a strict schedule of loafing and pool-going.

I have much to say, but I’m typing with my thumbs and so I’m going to share some pics.


Pretty country.


Our new tortoise, Puddle.


These magnolias mean business.


Nathan, Mama Susie, and squirrelly little brother.


Mr. La-la. Eighty years old last week. He’s a force of nature that I ran into at the WalMart. He deserves his own post, for sure.

Happy June, y’all!!


  1. Nathan looks tall. Is he taller than his dad now?

  2. A very good substitute while we wait to read what you have to say! Looks like most of those pics could support a full blog post!

  3. Bobber,
    James, Nathan, and Jon are all the same height now. It’s wild. Also, Charlie is as tall as I am. Judging by how they are eating, Nathan and Charlie (of course) have more growing to do.

    I’m scared of my grocery bill.


  4. Hey Ruth!

    Thanks. Most of them might get a full blog post. Mr. La-la will, for sure. He was a HOOT!

    Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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