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Happy Saturday, y’all!


I don’t know what the question is this morning. But, I feel like cheese biscuits are the answer.

This is a drippy, droppy, rainy day. On this sleepy Saturday, I’ve already given up on my trying-to-be-moderate-little coffee cup for one more more appropriately sized. This is not a day for lower caffeine resolutions.

We had crazy thunder and lightning last night. Driving home we watched the bolts striking all around, revealing the gorgeous clouds. James, my co-pilot, finally asked, after a particularly magnificent bit of lightning, “Was that the finale?”

It seems that we are still in Disney World mode.

Is that the finale.

How I love that James.

I must go…..the time for raspberry jam, and butter, and muscadine preserves is at hand.

Happy Saturday, y’all!


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