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The Lone Bellow


This is not a music blog, but I keep hearing good stuff, y’all.

With this band, all I’ve heard so far seems kind of like the Civil Wars and, also, sort of like Glen Hansard.

I’m telling you, any band that can be thus described must be worth a listen.

Here they are doing You Never Need Nobody.

The Lone Bellow, y’all.  Check them out.


  1. Hey, that’s our friend Brian Murphy playing the accordion in that video! He played the piano in our wedding! I saw The Lone Bellow on Conan, but Murph didn’t get to go with them as he is not officially part of the band, so it is fun to see him in the video 🙂 George has this CD and it is pretty good. I hope they do well!

  2. That is so awesome that you know someone who plays with them. I’m going back to watch it now and look for the accordian player. 🙂

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