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Dylan and Eli’s Thoughts About Candy


First off, I heard a Bob Dylan song on the radio this morning that I’d never heard before.  I instantly liked it.   The song is from his album “Nashville Skyline”. The funny thing is, I was listening to it thinking that it had the sound of a Dylan song, but that the voice was so polished compared to his normal voice that it just couldn’t be. I was wrong, though, it was him…..but I don’t know how he got his voice to sound like this.

This is Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You.

If you need a laugh today, you should watch this video. Jon recorded it at the Christmas parade last night. It is of a big truck wrapped with butcher paper with writing on it.  But it was dark, and we couldn’t read the signs on the truck because of the darkness and because the girls riding on the back of the float with the crooning man had a blanket hanging down over the lettering.  Jon describes it well, and the whole exchange is funny, but you should listen at the end for Eli’s comment about candy. He was hopeful, but no candy was thrown last night. Weird, right? Anyway, he doesn’t beat around the bush, that one.


Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. Your video link for the Bob Dylan song was blocked, so I’ll have to search for it elsewhere…I’d love to hear him sing with a “polished” voice!

    Now to check out the parade video and Jon’s description!

  2. Hey Ruth,
    I’m sorry the link changed. When I put it up it was working. What a bummer….I couldn’t find anymore on YouTube. The song is on Spotify. It is the one from his Nashville Skyline album.

    Hope you like it.

    Thanks for reading!!


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