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On Getting a Good Deal


Yesterday, I was on the phone placing an order for clothes.  I called it in instead of doing an online order because the online site wasn’t giving me all the coupon codes that I knew were coming to me.  Bless that customer service representative’s heart, I think that she may have been convinced that she was on the phone with the cheapest gal in America.  Of course, she doesn’t know that even the prices that I was getting were steep in my opinion.  Goodwill prices are hard to beat.  Goodwill, how I miss thee….

Anyway, two of the items on my list were some khaki pants for James.  The rep typed in the order number and then exclaimed, “Whoa!  That is an AMAZING price on those pants!!!”  Yes, I thought, you know that you’re getting a good deal when the gal who has been entering in orders for hours can’t believe the price.

What would have been great is if I had been taking advantage of the Cyber Monday to actually order a bunch of stuff for Christmas.  But, no.  What I was trying to do was get some more pants so that I could avoid, hopefully forever, the khaki pant fracas that had rumbled through the house earlier in the day.

Fingers crossed that they fit!

I hope that y’all are having a good Tuesday and that your Thanksgiving break was a good one.

I know it isn’t December or even Advent, yet, but I’m getting into Christmas music anyway.

This song always puts a smile on my face.

Stevie Wonder, take it away….


  1. Hi Annie–I looked up Stevie Wonder Christmas because of you. I think you have mentioned another xmas song of his or maybe this one a while ago. I’m searching for some new xmas CDs, as you saw on Lori’s blog. Please send me a link to your Spotify xmas list. We might be travelling south during the holiday break. I will let you know.

  2. Hey Annie,
    I will definitely send you a link to the spotify list….if I get it done. I would also suggest Elvis’s Blue Christmas album. I love that one.

    That is so exciting that y’all may be coming south for Christmas. Please let us know if you’re coming anywhere near here…maybe we could have a group get together with the Dennis family.


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