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Monday, Monday

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We are off school this week.  Yahoo!!!!!  This means no homework — I’m thrilled, no end.

It is also sort of a week off of big time cooking for me, since we are going to be feasting in Alabama.  I do get to provide a Wednesday night meal and I’m really excited about that.  But, since we’ll be doing the turkey thing the next day, I’m going to do a Tex-Mex dinner.  Should be good.

I saw this Coconut Hot Chocolate on Three Many Cooks.  I am definitely going to try this one.  Coconut and chocolate are made for each other.

Also, you should try to win this trip to France.  It looks amazing!  A gazillion people will enter and I won’t win but I think that I’m going to dream, anyway.

I don’t know what it is about Southerners in general and Mississippians in particular, but we just love our pottery.  I was perusing a local shop that had McCarty pottery today.  Of course, I’ve known about it for a long time and have always appreciated it.  But, now, I want one of everything.  Love, love the jade glaze.  Also, the little animals are awesome.  The pigs and fat little birds are just delightful.  Help!  I don’t need any more dinnerware….and, yet, I want.  It is too bad that I didn’t have a decent camera with me.  All the pics on the web that I could find weren’t great, but, then it is hard to capture the beauty with a camera, anyway.

Well, I’m off to try and watch some of Moonrise Kingdom.  Jon and I tried to watch the other night but I kept falling asleep.  It was one of those times when staying awake was like holding back the ocean.  But, now I am awake and all of my males are down for the night….so maybe I’ll catch up to where we left off.

Happy Monday, y’all!




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  1. I love the steph modo blog! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving to the Barlows who don’t have to travel so far this year for their turkey!

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