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Never a Dull Moment…

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Last night, I fell asleep while hemming a skirt.  I woke up, sitting up with the needle in my hand and thimble still on my finger.  So, I shuffled off to brush my teeth and take my allergy meds.  I was walking along, turning off lights as I went, thinking how I would surely be back asleep in no time, still being so drowsy.   This was good, because lately I’ve been getting into bed and then lying awake for awhile — not insomnia but not something that is usual for me.   It was 15 minutes until midnight.

I was on my way to the bedroom when I ran into my 12 year old.  He was up and very alert — wide-eyed.  I asked him what he was doing.  He answered me with the question, “Would you happen to know where the human anatomy textbook is?”

And, all of a sudden, I’m very awake.

Sent him to bed.  Got into bed myself.  All the while wondering, “What?”  Sleep didn’t come soon.

I live with interesting people.


One Comment

  1. “All of a sudden, I’m very awake.” Haha…indeed!

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