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A Saturday List


Happy Saturday, everyone!

Today I have grand plans for cleaning out my refrigerator, doing some cooking, and getting to some mending that absolutely cannot wait another day.  My mending pile is terrorizing me, y’all.

Anyway, before I get going, I wanted to share a few things  before I forget about them.

First, I blogged about Ryan Adams and his song “Ashes and Fire” yesterday.  If you liked it (and even if you didn’t — because this is a great interview) you should listen to the interview NPR did with him on January 1.  You can find it here.  It’s only ten minutes long and, besides featuring 3 songs, goes into Adams’s life over the last 2 years battling an inner ear disease that made him have to relearn music.  Just fascinating.  Be sure to listen to the song “Lucky Now”.  It is another of my favorites from the album.

This book, Press Here, is one that I got from the library last week.  Then, on Thursday, I came back from an errand to find Jon and E reading it and giggling.  The idea is genius.  It manages to be an interactive book even though it is just a regular book with no sounds or flaps or anything. There is a playfulness to it that is really engaging.  If you scroll down on the linked page you can see a video of it being read.

Finally, I’m not very up on current products.  I try to keep current with some books and music, yes, even though it is really impossible to keep up with either of those two things because of the sheer volume of music and books produced every month.  My clueless nature is really apparent, though, when it comes to products on the market.  Every time I go to Target or someplace like that, I find myself incredulously muttering, “Well, would  you look at all this stuff! Amazing.”   So, it takes someone really getting my attention, or, as is the case here, giving me a gift, before I take notice of some new product. My sister gave me a water bottle for Christmas. Y’all, I totally love it.  The name of the company is Lifefactory and they make a whole bunch of bottles — for baby, toddler, and adult.  Anyway, if you have need of a water bottle I really can’t say enough about these.  I use mine everyday and it is great.  Since it is glass, I don’t have that pesky taste of metal that I somehow get when using a stainless steel bottle.  Also, it goes in the dishwasher.  Yay!  (Have you ever noticed how many “on the go” water bottles and coffee mugs instruct the consumer to hand wash?  Ridiculous.)  Finally, the bottle actually fits in the cup-holder of my near ancient car.  Perfect!


Happy Saturday, y’all!  I hope that you have a good one.



  1. Since I’ve had and been freed from (through surgery) Meniere’s Disease, I was very interested in the NPR interview of Ryan Adams…thanks for the link.

    I also came across the Press Here book last year and have used it as a gift. I love it!

    While I’m at it I should confess that I’m also new-products-challenged, so I related on that point as well!

  2. Wow, Ruth, I had no idea that you had had Meniere’s Disease. I’m so glad that you are free from it now. It sounded terrible.

    • It was, especially for a couple of years. But after several trials of more conservative treatments, I had a labyrinthectomy (removal of inner ear) in late 2007 and felt like God had given me back my life.

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