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Three Songs


Ah!! How can it be Friday?  Well, yahoo!

Anyway, I need these three songs today.  They are my prescription, it seems.  So, weariness, take that.

First up is an acoustic version of “Ashes and Fire” from Ryan Adams’s new album.  I was not a Ryan Adams fan until this song.  It is awesome.  He is awesome.  Put me in the fan category.


I know nothing about this band, The Vaccines, except to say that their name makes me visualize a syringe, (Yik!), and that this song, “If You Wanna”, is a good one.  It climbed into my noggin a few days ago and has been knocking around ever since.


Finally, Surfer Blood.  I really like this band.  This song, “Miranda”, is off their newest album. See what y’all think.


Okay, y’all, I’m off to slay my to-do list.  Happy Friday, everybody!!

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