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Avrij — That’s What I Am


No, I don’t have a problem with spelling — most of the time.

Let me explain.

Homework time is a busy, busy time around here.  I have these capable sons, but they aren’t motivated to do work at home.  So, most of the time,  I’m the motivator and the homework partner.

Last week, I was helping my youngest son with a line plot graph. Now, he was tired.  He was just done in. He was done with caring about which direction letters should face.  He was done with even explaining how he came up with his answers, as you can see from answer number  5 where he answers the question, “How do you know?”

As you can see, he didn’t try to explain his mathematical reasoning, no.  He just said:

I bib it all with my avrij mom.

(Translation:  I did it all with my average mom.)

Way to really affirm me, son.  Really.  It was simultaneously hilarious and a bit humiliating to read this answer after that buster had gone to bed.

My only thought is that he was trying to estimate me mathematically?  Because, in that case, sometimes I think average would be shooting a little high.


Anyway, I hope that y’all had a good weekend and that it was way better than avrij……


  1. laughing this monday morning annie! and i’m so glad you posted a picture of it, so so funny…hope yall are all well sweet girl!

  2. You are way above average!

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