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I Realize…


that, if I continue to buy and consume sweet potato chips (very addictive…), I will never be skinny.

Oh, well.

I realize that I’ve been too busy try new things in the kitchen lately, so, when N suggested that we try to make churros sometime, I immediately decided that we’d have them for breakfast.

I realize that the males of the household will probably rejoice.  Rightly so, I say.  Rejoicing is necessary when fried sweet cinnamony dough is in the house.

I realize that I really like Downton Abbey.  It is taking all of my resolve not to hunt down illegal copies online just to see what happens.

I realize that I’m sort of addicted, too, to happily ever afters.  Silly, I know.

I realize that I’m not very up on the news.  So, it always comes as a surprise to me when I hear about something the day that it happens.  Etta James died today, y’all.  Let’s all listen to At Last…..just because.

I realize it is late and Friday.  I hope y’all have had a good week!

Here’s to weekends and churros for breakfast and sweet potato chips and happily ever afters and fabulous singers who did the Blues just right!

Stay warm, y’all!


  1. I’m ADDICTED to Downton too!

  2. hey annie 🙂 so i love downton too! i watched the first season instantly on netflix, but now, we have to wait for every sunday night so that pbs will air the “new” eps…well guess what, they are not as “new” as we think. these were all aired over in england last fall on BBC. and i just found out that season 2 (the season we are all in the middle of right now) is available to get from netflix!!!!!! so, you can beat everyone and know whats gonna happen before it airs here!! just thought you might like to know 🙂 miss y’all!!

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