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What Kind of Oracle?


On the way home from school today, my oldest son, J, informed me that he had come up with a new character for his newest screenplay.  Did y’all know that he writes scripts?  Like, 50-plus page scripts for screenplays.  He is driven to get his ideas out — that’s for sure.

Anyway, today he said, “Mom, have I told you about Fearsome Possum?”

I said, “No, J, I think I’d remember you telling me about Fearsome Possum.  Is he a new character of yours?”

He replied, “Yes, Fearsome Possum is a minion of Snowball and is an oracle with magical, colorful breath.”

What does one do with a Fearsome Possum?

I’m sure that J will let us know.


Happy Tuesday, y’all!


  1. I’m still checking on you here, hoping you’re ok and it’s only fall business keeping you away.


  2. Thanks for checking on me! 🙂 I’m just super busy with everything. I thought that I would find balance eventually, but I haven’t yet found it.

  3. Hope you find that elusive balance soon…you are missed! 😉

  4. hey annie girl, just stopping by. And i know, life is so busy, blogging is low down the list for me too. Though I do miss your words….but along with the busy, this fall has been very pretty, so any spare time needs to be had enjoying it! take care sweet annie!

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