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And The Answer Is….


b.  girl with a boy’s name who was the size of a dwarf.  Can I have Coke when I get home?

So, those of y’all that guessed B, well, congrats!  You were right.

J informed us about this helper when we were all in the van on the way to church on Thursday night.  What a hoot, I tell you, he frequently makes his entire family laugh with his hilarious observations.

Of course, the thing that makes it alright for us to laugh is because with J,as with many other folks with autism, these comments and observations are not ever mean-spirited.  This is one of the things that is so great about him.  He tells the truth and there is just no desire to do anything other than communicate the information.  Never irony.  Never unkindness. Never ever sarcasm.  Now, the truth isn’t always welcome.  For instance, he has been known to tell me, “Mom, you look really tired.”  Or, my absolute favorite, when he sympathetically says, “Mom, it looks like you ate too many hot dogs.”  Yep. I love that one.

I don’t know what it is like to come from such an honest place, but  I’m glad that I occasionally get a glimpse of it because of J.

Happy Day, y’all, and thanks to those who participated in my silly little quiz.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I’m curious, and I hope it’s ok to ask and not offensive, but what does J do when you laugh?

  2. Fittsy,
    Well, J has been making us laugh for so long that I think that he’s used to it. He knows that the way that he expresses stuff is just humorous, even though he doesn’t try for that and doesn’t really understand why it is amusing to us. We’re not laughing at him and he knows this. He is paying attention, though, and remembers what we found funny — I think it’s just more of his effort to catalogue and understand how we are just as we are continually try to understand his viewpoint on the world, as well.

    Does that make sense?

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