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What August Is


I recently read on a blog that

July brightens, September threatens, and August sits there waiting like a benediction.

Beautifully expressed, right?

Only, I’m thinking that these folks must go to school in September instead of August.  So, August isn’t so much a benediction for me as it is a time of daily increasing uneasiness.

I’ll spare you my complaining abut the passage of time.  Only, I think you should know I’ve decided that I’m renaming August. From now on it shall be known as Nervous.  Then everything will make more sense.

Speaking of making sense, we’re about to have the grandaddy of all clothes try-ons in about a half an hour.  It will not be a popular event.  In fact, I’m guessing that I’ll have more than one complaint from boxer-clad boys.  But it will be helpful to me, since knowing what clothing fits which boy in both warm weather clothing and cold weather clothing will make things much easier for me both now and in the future.  I’m assuming, of course, that the weather will eventually cool.  (It will, won’t it?  Come quickly Autumn, I beg you.)

Doing things to make life easier = making Nervous (August) a little better.

Happy Monday!



  1. We go back to school late August, but September is when it all starts. Soccer games, homework, fall fundraising events for school, early mornings, hectic days…yuck.

    Thank you for linking to my post! 🙂

  2. hey annie! i love your new blog! I was thinking you hadn’t been posting, but I think my list (which changes as new posts come up), didn’t get the memo about your blog change. So I just thought I would check on you, and here you’ve been posting all along! I’ve missed a lot. And your post today is just perfect over here in my little world. Today was our first day of school, and it’s been crazy cause my family’s beach trip was last week. We actually missed the first 2 days of school. So I was trying to get ready for school and beach. But everyone got off just great, I can’t stop thinking about Townes. He’s in school for the first time, he’s in 1st grade. Well I hope all that trying on goes well and that you have more things that fit, than don’t! The less to buy or find at the thrift store the better. Take care sweet girl!

  3. Kathleen — y’all started today? Yikes. I haven’t done the school supply thing yet….thankfully the stockpile is huge and I basically have people who don’t use their supplies all that much (except for N) and so we are reusing except for new crayons and pencils.

    I can’t believe that my boys start next week…..heaven help us! 🙂

  4. Great expression of the beginning-of-the-school-year angst felt by parents everywhere! I wasted a lot of my energy tonight being frustrated by the lack of communication from one of the schools our kids’ attend. And so, it begins.

  5. Nervous describes it.

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