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What’s Been Going On


What’s Been Going On

with us this summer is that we’ve had visitors.

We love visitors.

Last week, my mom (Mama Suzie) and sister and nephews came to visit and help us celebrate my second son’s 13th birthday.

We went to the zoo, Grant’s Farm, to the Card’s game. We also went to our pool and to the park. The weather was surprisingly wonderful — low humidity and temperatures in the high seventies/low eighties.

Here are some pics of the week…

Mama Suzie and her grandsons in beautiful Forest Park.

Here she is with the birthday boy.

Walking to the zoo.

E and Nephew #1 decided to wear hats. E also sported a neck-kerchief and told us all he was a bandit that day. In this pic they are contemplating how to get the donated money out of this turtle. I guess that goes with the bandit theme.

Here is my nephew #2. Such a precious little darling baby. He’s not in many of the pics because he is at that particular junction of babyhood when he is content to ride in his stroller until he gets out, then he realizes that he would like to never get back in the stroller, but rather, toddle along at full speed. So, we mostly left him in the stroller since he is a baby tank and we didn’t have the strength or energy to let him experience the zoo on his two feet.

Here we are by the penguin habitat.

Here we are waiting in the longest line I’ve ever been in at Grant’s Farm.

Do you know what is a fun way to while away the time waiting in line?

Messing with J. It sure is fun. Here we have Aunt D messing with J.

All in good fun.

More waiting in line…Mama Suzie and my sons, minus J.

An eating lunch shot. Would you just look at the precious cheeks and chin on my little nephew. If he was here today I’d plant a hundred kisses on that sweet face — and neck. Never forget the neck sugar.

Here we have an image that supports my theory that lighting candles on a birthday cake is the single most attention getting activity among children everywhere.

Blowing them out.

Happy times at the Card’s game. We won 12 to 2! Which, if you will believe it, is less than the score that we won by the last time Mama Suzie attended a game. N thinks that she is a good luck charm for the Card’s. I guess that we’ll have to test that theory the next time she’s in town.

So, that’s part of what we’ve been up to.

I hope that these days of summer are going great for all of you!


  1. I love the pics…esp the ones of your sister “messing” with J! And you little nephew is precious! BTW, that could be a Mark Horne behind you guys in the pic with the school buss on the right…just look at that widow’s peak…by any chance did they go with you?

  2. Fun! Fun! Fun! And Happy Birthday to Nathan! Wow, 13! It seems like he turned 10 just last year!

  3. Ruth, you’re totally right about the guy with a widow’s peak. He does look like Mark — although Mark’s widow’s peak is more majestic, I think.

    Abby, I know, they grow up so quickly. How I could have 2 teenagers I don’t know.

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