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So, I’m Interested


So, I’m Interested

in what y’all stock up on when there is imminent (or so they say) chance of power outage. What do you feed your family? One of my friends said that she stocks up on ice cream and coke. I get that….but what else? Do you eat pb & j and fruit for days on end or what? My folks won’t eat much that comes out of a can — come to think of it, neither will I.

So….s’mores, bread and butter, cheese and crackers?


  1. We rarely loose power in the winter, but if we did, and I knew it was coming, I’d probably stock up on milk and eggs, in addition to the things you mentioned. (We’d cook the eggs, in as many different ways possible, on our little camping stove.)

    Stay warm and well fed!

  2. I think we might be eating lots of eggs, too. Your comment reminds me of our camping stove. Maybe I’d better find ours.

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