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August 11, 2012
by annie
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Car Talk

Each day, now that school has begun, I drop off my youngest, 8-year-old Eli, first and then take the others.  He is also the first that I pick up from school at day’s end.  So we get a chance to … Continue reading

August 7, 2012
by annie

Inhale, Exhale

You know, I’ll never forget the time James was telling some of our good friends goodbye.  They were leaving St. Louis and had come over for a farewell dinner.  James doesn’t like change and, just to emphasize how much he … Continue reading

August 5, 2012
by annie

I’m Jealous

Okay, I knew that this would happen.  Last week, it was Bhi Bhiman and Josh Ritter. This week?  It’s Tab Benoit. So much good music in my used-to-be-home-city, St. Louis, sniff.  I am a very jealous girl right now. Do … Continue reading